Terms and Conditions

1. Making an Order

Paying a deposit for an item/s to French Furniture Sydney, implies that you have read and agreed to all of the following Terms and Conditions and read the frequently asked questions.

2. Payment options
French Furniture Sydney accepts PayPal, visa, mastercard, direct credit, or cash in person. Goods will not be despatched until payment, plus the delivery fee, has been paid in full.
French Furniture Sydney does not take laybys however we will hold an item for up to 7 days in order for a customer to make up their mind or to view an item in our warehouse.
If a deposit has been made on an item, French Furniture Sydney requires full payment within 4 weeks from the date of order. We will store your items free of charge for up to 6 weeks, please advise if further storage is required, charges may occur.
Failure to pay in full within 6 weeks may result in the cancellation of the order without any obligation to return part payment to the customer.
3. Customer Orders
We do not give refunds as a result of a customer having miscalculated the size of the item, or the colour tone not being to their liking, or for any other reason after the purchase has been made.
If a customer is in doubt as to the suitability of an item of furniture for their usage and decor, we encourage customers to contact us to discuss their needs prior to making their purchases, and view the item in our warehouse.
4. Refunds

French Furniture Sydney does not offer refunds unless previously arranged and approved. See no.8 cancellations. 

5. Deliveries

French Furniture Sydney engages Independent professional carriers for our large assembled items. On arrival you will be signing off with the carrier that the items arrived in good order. In the unlikely event that an item arrives damaged in any way, you must contact French Furniture Sydney as soon as possible after it’s arrival so that we can take the matter up with the carrier.

If the customer does not notify French Furniture Sydney immediately on it’s arrival, French Furniture Sydney reserves the right to reject the damage claim.      



6. Despatch
French Furniture Sydney offers 2 options for despatch/delivery which are all at the customer’s expense.
(a)  In regards to large assembled furniture items, we will engage an independent furniture transport company.
(b)  The customer or their agent is entitled to pick up from our dispatch warehouse. (strictly by an arranged time. See our FAQs on customer pick ups).

It is the customers responsibility to contact French Furniture Sydney at the time of their purchase in order to discuss the above delivery options.

7. Risk and Liability

French Furniture Sydney takes no responsibility for actions or damages to property or persons caused by any outsourced independent delivery firm we may have engaged on the customers behalf.

8. Cancellations
(Refer also to point 3 and 4 above). If a customer wishes to swap an item of furniture prior to delivery with another item of furniture, French Furniture Sydney will transfer the customer’s payments towards their preferred item.
French Furniture Sydney does not give refunds when a customer cancels an order, however we will give a credit towards any other item in store.
If a customer has taken possession of an item of furniture, and wants to swap it with another item of furniture in store, French furniture Sydney will accept the change over on the following conditions:
( a) That the customer is responsible for the cost of professional transportation of the new furniture item as well as the returned furniture item.
( b) The furniture carrier chosen will be the at the discretion of French Furniture Sydney.
( c) If the newly chosen item of furniture is a lower price than the originally purchased ‘returned’ item of furniture, the customer is only entitled to a credit note and not a refund of the difference.
( d) The customer’s request to swap an item of furniture will only be accepted if he or she notifies French Furniture Sydney within 24 hrs of taking possession of the originally purchased item.
9. Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This policy sets out how French Furniture Sydney will handle the personal information that you may disclose to us when you use a French Furniture Sydney website or other French Furniture Sydney services. This policy contains information on how French Furniture Sydney collects, uses, discloses and stores personal information. The policy can be broadly summed up by this statement:  French Furniture Sydney will not sell or rent your information to another party and will only use your personal information for the purpose of providing the products and services you have requested from us. 

What types of personal information will French Furniture Sydney collect? 

French Furniture Sydney will only collect the personal information that it needs to help you enjoy the full range of French Furniture Sydney services. This means that when you use a French Furniture Sydney website or other French Furniture Sydney services, French Furniture Sydney may collect personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, email address and age.

French Furniture Sydney does not collect sensitive information (for example: medical history) from users of the French Furniture Sydney website. 

How French Furniture Sydney collects personal information

We collect personal information from you if you buy something from us.

We may also collect personal information, when you use a French Furniture Sydney site, by using cookies, recording your IP address and other statistical methods. 

When you share personal information with us, we will use our best endeavours to store and protect it securely. We will use SSL encryption to help us with this task. 

How we use your personal information

In general, French Furniture Sydney will only use your personal information to provide the product or service that you have requested from us. More specifically, French Furniture Sydney may use your personal information to: 

  • Communicate with you to facilitate your order
  • Arrange delivery of the item(s) that you have ordered
  • Take payment for the item(s) you have purchased

French Furniture Sydney may also use your personal information to assist you with product choices and to keep you informed of changes to product ranges or special offers. 

French Furniture Sydney uses cookies, IP addresses and other statistical information to improve our websites, look at aggregated usage statistics, save items that are in your basket and provide other personalized features throughout your time on our sites. We will also use it to generally examine how our customers use and access our websites and services. 

French Furniture Sydney websites contains links to third party sites like Facebook and Instagram. These third party sites are not under the control of French Furniture Sydney . Please ensure that you visit the privacy policies of those third party websites to be aware of their policy on the handling of personal information. 

Who we share your personal information with

Our logistics partners and delivery drivers.

We may share some of your personal information with our logistics partners so that they can deliver the products you buy to the address you have given us. This would generally include the delivery address, recipient's name and contact details if necessary

We may share some of your personal information with our billing & security partners in order to ensure that your payment is processed smoothly. 

We may share some of your personal information with other business partners for purposes including but not limited to marketing, data analysis and reporting.

Federal or State police authorities if requested by law.

We may disclose your personal information to the relevant authority when required to do so by law, in cases of fraud and where any threats are made against any of our employees, French Furniture Sydney or the general public. 

Related bodies corporate

We may disclose personal information to our related bodies corporate. 

10. Return Policy.

French Furniture Sydney does not except returns on the basis that you have changed your mind about the item you purchased. We only except returns based on the following situations... 

You received the wrong item.
You received items that were damaged in transit. (see section 8, Cancellations)

Note - Our furniture items are handcrafted from solid timber and occasionally there may be slight colour variations or natural distressing that is typical of handcrafted  furniture. These variations will not be accepted as damage or faults.  

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